Spiritual Counseling, Intuitive Guidance/Reiki Healings


For the past twenty years, I have assisted people from all walks of life on their journey to self-discovery and healing.  I am a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Guide, and remote viewer.  It has been an honor to work in spirit to assist individuals along their path to truly knowing who they are on a soul level.  It is the highest desire to "know thy self."   Using my intuitive abilities, I am able to give a birds-eye perspective of a situation to enable the client to see an obstacle from a different point of view, thus allowing them to move past any problems with ease and grace.  I am a trained "Yuen Method" healer of Chinese Energetic Healing a which enables me to provide a deep level of distance healing.  I also offer distance and hands-on Reiki healings and chakra scans to break up stagnation within the physical and etheric bodies.  I utilize all of my "tools" in personal readings to provide a high level of comfort and full healing.



One hour reading with email follow-ups:  $125


Distance Reiki, Chakra-Scans with email follow-up:  $50


Hands-on Reiki Healing in the privacy of your home and intuitive reading (2 hours):  $175 


Contact:  Kris Iselin-Bradley (619-993-7257)  email: krisiselin@gmail.com




"Kris is an incredibly powerful and comforting healer/intuitive counselor.  She has helped me through many difficult times over the past several years.  Kris is incredibly comforting and can tap right into any situation with a very gentle ease.  Kris is also a very talented artist and her paintings are a wonderful compliment to healing sessions with Kris.  She brings out a part of your soul that you might not have been able to see and helps you move through life feeling supported and comforted.  Kris has many powerful healing tools and also provides her clients with practical tools that can be taken into everyday life.  Kris is spiritual and intuitive on a very deep level but she has a way of working with her clients that feels incredibly grounded in humanity and every day practical life.  It is easy to apply learnings from Kris to most situation and circumstances.  Working with Kris has helped me grow tremendously and uncover sides of myself that have been buried deep.  Our work together has allowed me to grow, heal and feel so courageous as I move through my journey.  I am forever grateful to have found Kris.  She has made an astounding impact on my life."   - L. Kaminsky, New York, NY


“Kris is an amazing psychic/intuitive.  She helped zero in on a mystery that was plaguing my life.  In the fall of 2010 I had my passport stolen in the country of my birth while I was investigating circumstances regarding a family inheritance dispute.  I knew it was foul play and "who did it" gnawed at me.  I asked Kris and she focused right in.  I kept throwing MY ideas at her even though she held tight to what she was receiving.  A few months later some new information came my way which confirmed HER description of events. It brought all the loose pieces of my memory together and confirmed everything she said. It made perfect sense.  I knew she was right on.  She is fabulous!"  -Paulina Lima M.S.W. San Diego , CA



“Kris is an amazing intuitive healer. She is gentle and compassionate and lovingly guides you through your process. Kris gets very clear information and insights especially visual images. I would highly recommend her. It is a pleasure to work with Kris and a blessing to know her. If you are wondering if it is a good idea to contact her, the answer is a resounding, YES!”

-  Kim LePiane, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Facilitator, Jamul, CA



“Kris is an established intuitive energy healer and Reiki Master/Teacher.  She gives intuitive/psychic consultations on a regular basis and has been consulted with by other established psychics and energy workers to "check-in" on difficult situations, me included.  She has a very gentle and loving approach utilizing Reiki energy with each session in order to relax and calm the client for a more accurate reading.  She also offers Reiki classes and attunements for level 1, 2 and 3 (master level).”  - B. Robinson San Diego CA


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