"Delving into the energy which is unique to each person and the date given, Kris interprets the impressions she receives into stunning gallery worthy paintings. These paintings are beyond artwork, this is sacred work. The vibrations that emanate from each painting is charged with the potential of each individual and their own path and purpose. Kris is a master at interpreting these seed like energies alive in each of us, onto canvas. These pieces are truly masterpieces."   - K. LePiane

"I commissioned Kris for a soul essence painting for my mother because I have seen her work and it is incredible. Although I knew my mother's painting would be beautiful, I wasn't prepared for the awe that I experienced when I held it in my hands and saw it for the first time. It far surpassed my expectations to the point that my eyes filled with tears. I felt I was seeing my mother in a whole new light, in an entirely new way. Kris's work is profound and has a way of invoking the soul out of a person and reminds them of the truest essence of who they are. What a gift her work is to the world!" - K. Bray

"I have never felt compelled to write a review of any sort before, so this is a first, but I am very passionate about this particular artist’s work. I commissioned Kris to paint my Soul Essence as a 50th birthday gift from my husband to myself last December. I knew that each painting was a unique rendering of the individual’s very essence, as interpreted through Kris’ gift of vision and insight, using only a person’s DOB and a photo image, but I will admit to being slightly apprehensive. When I opened the painting on my ‘milestone’ birthday, I was amazed not only by the beauty, but the power of the image. Even more intriguing was the fact that her painting included a flower that matched exactly, in color & size & shape, the flower in a painting a friend had done of my precious canine companion. Incredible! Kris tends to post photos, anonymously & with permission, of her paintings after delivery, and not only do I so look forward to seeing them, but I am continually blown away by the imagery! Each & every one truly is unique and amazing. And, I can personally attest to the quality, skill, & talent of the artist. I highly recommend Kris’ mastery of The Soul Essence!" A. Thorpe

"I was genuinely moved, when I opened the box and saw my beautiful & intuitive Soul Essence Painting...Although we've just been reconnected after 33 years, there were so many elements, only known to me revealed in Kris' s work....It is a wonderful experience, and I recommend it whole heartedly...Thank you Kris for sharing your gift with me : ) " - E. Cook

"When we received our Soul Essence paintings from Kris in the mail, we were amazed.  Thinking the paintings would be a unique gift to my family, we had Kris paint one for each of us.  But as we unwrapped our paintings, we quickly understood that this "unique gift" was much more than that. 


Somehow Kris captured the essence of our being.  My children upon opening theirs, just stared and both replied, "It's so weird.  It feels just like who I am inside".  The more you take in from the painting, the more you notice subtle details about IT, and yourself.  In addition to being beautifully crafted pieces of art, they are also very personal and touching. 


These paintings will be in our families for years to come. 

Thank you Kris for creating something so special."   N. Swanson




Kris's stunning paintings are much more than just amazing pieces of art but I need to start by pointing out just how gorgeous they are.  The colors are vibrant and coherent.  The surfaces sparkle with shimmer and detail and the craftsmanship is superb.  Anyone would be lucky to have these grace their walls.


Her work is more than just meets the eye.  Kris has the gift of synesthesia, which is in her case seeing numbers and other things as colors.  She transforms special dates into not just colors but incredible meaningful symbols.  These are truly unique keepsakes and gifts.  We certainly treasure ours.  I believe that they have healing properties, though she doesn't make any claims.

I'm a medical intuitive and medium and I work with people all over the world.  I can attest that Kris has very powerful healing energy because she has helped me immensely. 

I have never seen work like this anywhere.  It is no wonder she has a waiting list.  Get yours while you can.


Katie Beecher, Medical Intuitive & Medium

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